AUTHORS: Jirawat Chomputawat, Worawat Choensawat and Don Isarakorn

ABSTRACT: In Western dance communities, Labanotation is one of the most well known dance notations. Labanotation uses a symbolic description for describing the human body movement. This paper presents a tool for generating Labanotation score from motion capture data. A graphical user interface (GUI) for semiautomatically converting motion capture data to Labanotation scores is designed to reduce an ambiguous of key-frames selection and symbol definition. The GUI allows the user easily to define some of the symbols definition according to the dance motion. In addition, user can make

the selection of their desirable motion key-frames to produce a quality Labanotation score.

SOURCE: Jirawat Chomputawat, Worawat Choensawat and Don Isarakorn. "An Approach for Generating Labanotation from Motion Capture Data." ICDS 2013 The 7th Intl conf on digital society. 2013.